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Frequently Asked Questions


Just Dial Topup2Talk

Q- What is Just Dial Topup2Talk?
A- These services allow you to make very cheap international calls from your mobile or landline with no need to set up an account. The service operates on a pre-pay basis and calls are made using the available credit.

Q- How do I top up?
A- Simply text '999' to 80041 for a £3 call credit;
A- Simply text '999' to 80550 for a £5 call credit;
The cheap text message will be charged to you by your mobile provider and for this we send your pin number with £3 or £5 credit respectively along with the local and free phone international access numbers.

Q- How do I use Just Dial Topup2Talk?
A- Simply dial any one of the access number included in the confirmation text message, listen to the message, if dialling from a different phone from that which you topped up from, then use the PIN included in the welcome text, enter the full international number - do not press SEND / CALL button on your mobile again. That's it your connected.

Q- What if I have sent a text requesting a top up, but have not received a confirmation message back?
A- Generally a confirmation message is sent instantaneously, however very occasionally for example at peak times the mobile networks maybe congested which means that the confirmation message maybe delayed. Do not resend the message as you will be charged twice.

Q- Are there any administration or subscription fees?
A- There is no administration or subscription fees. There is however a 0800 surcharge of one pence per minute from any international mobile or landline and a 10p per minute surcharge from a payphone. A connection charge equal to twice the per minute rate for the relevant country - up to a maximum of 40p - is charged on each call.
Access via 0207 / 0208 is charged as your service provider's standard rate. Calls charged per minute and rounded to the nearest penny.

Q- Where can I find the rates for my destination country?
A- On Just Dial Topup2Talk webpages.

Q- Is there a maximum amount of topups that I am allowed in one day?
A- Yes, you can not topup with more than £20 in one day i.e. 4 x £5 topups.

Q- Is there any expiry date?
A- Yes, your calling credit will expire 90 days after the last topup was made.

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cheap international calls space

cheap international calls space

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